Lightning stops Ukraine-France in European championships | News | DW | 15.06.2012
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Lightning stops Ukraine-France in European championships

The Euro 2012 match between Ukraine and France came to a stop due to lightning. After a 57-minute break play resumed on a soggy pitch in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

Just minutes into the match Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers ordered the players to go back to the dressing rooms.

"The match has been temporarily suspended," announced the stadium announcer.

With only five minutes of the match between France and Ukraine played, the score stood at 0-0 before the suspension amid thunder, lightning and torrential rain.

Spectators ran for cover and UEFA said that "further information" would follow. Minutes later, large parts of the stadium appeared to be deserted.

Kuipers stayed in the tunnel along with officials to keep an eye on the weather situation. Nearly an hour later he sent the players back onto the pitch, after deeming it fit to play on.

UEFA rules state that if play is postponed for the rest of the day, players will complete the remaining minutes of the match on the following day.

Authors: Richard Connor, Nancy Isenson
Editor: Ian Johnson