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Liberian president works from home due to snakes

April 20, 2019

Two black snakes were seen slithering in the president's office building, forcing him to work from home during fumigation efforts. The presidential mansion burned down in 2006.

George Weah
Image: picture-alliance/A.Dulleh

Liberian President George Weah was forced to work from home on Thursday after his office was invaded by snakes.

Two black snakes were found slithering from a hole in the reception area of the building hosting the presidential office. 

His press spokesperson said Weah would work from home until the building was fumigated to take care of "crawling and creeping things."

He did not confirm the species of snake found, but Liberia is home to several venomous and harmless snakes that are black.

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His office is in the top floor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in central Monrovia, the country's capital. The presidential palace burned down in 2006 during independence celebrations.

Prior to his entry into politics, Weah was a former footballer who had been named FIFA's player of the year in 1995. He assumed the presidency in January 2018 on a campaign of stamping out corruption in the desperately impoverished country.

aw/kl (AP, AFP)

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