Left-Wing French Group to Campaign for Constitution | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 05.08.2004
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Left-Wing French Group to Campaign for Constitution

A French group involving former Socialist ministers has decided to throw their support behind the EU Constitution in an upcoming national referendum.

A left-wing campaign involving former Socialist ministers was established on Wednesday in France to fight for a 'yes' vote on the constitutional referendum. The group -- to be known as the "Left-Wing Committee for a 'yes'" -- will start working in September to "inform, explain and convince" people about the EU constitution. Supporters of the campaign include former Socialist ministers Elisabeth Guigou and Bernard Kouchner. Opinion polls in France currently point to a 'yes' vote but French voters have a history of making close decisions on Europe.

In a statement yesterday, the group said, "Despite the doubts we have about this constitutional project, which does not exactly respond to what we would have liked, it seems to us that approval is necessary to give Europe a chance and to reinforce European democracy." (Euobserver.com)

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