Laughable Law Breakers | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 01.02.2006
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Laughable Law Breakers

Some criminals just can't get it right, as DW-WORLD's selection of offbeat news stories featuring inept law breakers testifies.


The plans of some light-fingered Germans do not always work out as they had hoped

As long as no-one gets hurt and the perpetrators get the justice they deserve, then Germany's laughable law breakers are fair game for "From The Fringe."

DW-WORLD's regular take on the weird, wacky and wonderful from around Germany often uncovers stories of bungling burglars, careless crooks and thoughtless thieves. Anyone making a mess of breaking the law can find themselves not only in front of a judge or behind bars but also on the pages of our offbeat news section.

So, check the locks, set the car alarm and sit back and enjoy a selection of stories about Germany's most inept criminals.

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