Last Sentence in Germany′s Most Daring Robbery | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 11.08.2004
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Last Sentence in Germany's Most Daring Robbery

Almost two and a half years after a spectacular robbery involving millions, a Frankfurt court on Wednesday sentenced the last of the four perpetrators, Ahmet G. to seven years and nine months in prison. His three accomplices are already serving long sentences in Casablanca and Italy. The group robbed a security van in February 2002 and made off with €8.6 million ($10.5 million), the largest sum ever stolen during such an attack in Germany. One of the criminals, a 23-year-old French national, drove the security van at the time. He overpowered his 41-year-old colleague during a break at a parking lot and let his accomplices on board. The four drove to an underground garage, transferred the money to another car and fled. The group was nabbed by the police a few months later. Shortly after the introduction of the euro in January 2002, Germany witnessed a wave of robberies nationwide on security vans.