Knife assailant stabs five on US campus, killed by police | Americas| North and South American news impacting on Europe | DW | 04.11.2015
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Knife assailant stabs five on US campus, killed by police

A man who stabbed five people at a university campus in California has been shot dead by police. Two of the five victims are being treated in the hospital.

On Wednesday, a stabbing at the University of California Merced in central California left five people injured and saw the suspect shot and killed by police.

A statement from the university said "two of the victims were transported by helicopter to a local hospital, and the other three were treated on campus. All victims were conscious."

The attack occurred in the morning at the university, which is part of the UC network of public universities in California. Classes have been cancelled for the rest of the day, and officials are asking people to avoid coming to the campus.

Local newspapers have identified the suspect as a male student in his early 20s. Some of the victims were also students at the university.

A press conference is scheduled for later on Wednesday.

mz/rc (AP, AFP)

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