Klinsmann More Confident of Win Than Most Germans | World Cup 2006 | DW | 07.01.2006
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World Cup 2006

Klinsmann More Confident of Win Than Most Germans

While nearly two-thirds of Germans are convinced their team won’t be raising the trophy at this summer’s World Cup, coach Jürgen Klinnsmann said the German team only needs to work on few kinks.

Only one of these three really thinks Germany will win the World Cup

Only one of these three really thinks Germany will win the World Cup

Possibly due to Germany's preliminary group matches against Costa Rica, Poland and Ecuador, Klinsmann has changed his tune from needing "a lot of luck" to win the World Cup to pure confidence his side will make it to the final.

"I am convinced that it will be a tremendous World Cup," Klinsmann told Germany's Bild newspaper. "We have already booked our hotel rooms in Berlin. We will go all the way because we saw during the Confederation Cup that we are getting the balance of the team right."

Jürgen Klinsmann mit Bastian Schweinsteiger, Nationalmannschaft

Klinsmann, right, trying to convince Bastian Schweinsteiger he can win the cup

But Klinsmann's certainty doesn't seem to be trickling down through the Germany roster to the fans. Excitement begins to wane as pollsters questions move from coach to player to fan.

While Klinsmann sounds positive, Oliver Kahn, one of the national team's two goalkeepers, said it's possible Germany win the title in front of a home crowd.

"In the national team you sense that such a goal is doable," he told DW-WORLD, before adding that it's possible for any team to win. "The enthusiasm of 80 million Germans is a very important factor."

Fans less optimistic than tarot card reader

Kahn and the rest of the German team have reason to question just how enthusiastic their fans really are. Before the Germans' opening game on June 9 in Munich, only 39 percent of them think their side has what it takes to be crowned champions.

Any lack of fan confidence could be attributed to how little Germans really see of their national team coach. The former international striker and world champion has been the subject of heavy criticism over his decision to continue to live in the United States, his indecision over which goalkeeper to select and his tactical philosophy.

But Klinsmann insists everything is right on track.

Wahrsagerin mit Kristallkugel, Parapsychologie

A Mexican mystic said a German win is in the cards

"We are sure we are on course and we will use the next few months to fine tune things," he said. "We will then be very difficult to beat."

Klinsmann, and Germany fans, should not doubt the host team, according to tarot card reader Antonio Vazquez, Mexico's self-proclaimed "Grand Warlock."

"I see Germany and nothing more," he told reporters in Mexico City.

Then again, fans may have reason to question the prediction -- Vazquez foresaw a European winner at the 2002 tournament.

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