Kenya school collapse kills several children | News | DW | 23.09.2019
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Kenya school collapse kills several children

A school building has collapsed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, killing at least seven children. Scores were also injured in the accident, which residents and others blame on shoddy construction.

A two-story school building made of corrugated metal and wood collapsed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, early on Monday, with at least seven of the school's roughly 800 pupils killed by falling debris.

Two of the 64 children injured remain in critical condition. The disaster occurred shortly after lessons at the privately run school, The Precious Talent Top School, had begun for the day.

Many residents of the suburb of Dagoretti, where the collapse took place, blamed bad building methods for the accident.

"You can easily break it with your own hands, as easy as that," said one resident, Peter Ouko. "This is chicken wire, not a construction material, and someone had the guts to use this to build a construction for our kids. I think this is basically premeditated murder."

Two soldiers near collapsed school building (Reuters/N. Mwangi)

The school will be closed for the next four days, according to the Kenyan education minister

Lack of regulation

The MP for Dagoretti, John Kiarie, told KTN television the accident demonstrated that there was no proper "regulation of educational institutions, especially those in informal settlements ... regulations that pertain to the construction and stability of educational institutions."

Numerous buildings in Nairobi and other cities have collapsed in recent years, often causing deaths. Kenya has experienced a booming construction industry in the past few years, but corruption is rampant, allowing contractors to ignore regulations and safety standards.

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