Julian Rosefeldt′s modern-day artist′s ′Manifesto′ | Film | DW | 22.02.2016
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Julian Rosefeldt's modern-day artist's 'Manifesto'

A new solo exhibition by artist Julian Rosefeldt at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin pays homage to the unique textual form of the manifesto, casting Cate Blanchett as 13 strikingly different characters.

A collage of 13 poetic video monologues, Manifesto by artist Julian Rosefeldt pays homage to artist manifestos, a unique form of communication that explores social and political themes with a lively call to action. Now on at the Nationalgalerie at Hamburger Bahnhof, the Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin, the solo exhibition combines the original historical texts of manifestos from multiple genres: from futurism and Dadaism to Pop Art and Dogma 95.

Often concerned with freedom of expression and personified in the angry young man, these texts by artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Sol LeWitt and Jim Jarmusch are represented here by the Australian actress, Cate Blanchett. Costumed as a teacher, a factory worker, the choreographer of a dance ensemble and as a homeless man, Blanchett updates the manifestos and shows their relevancy in contemporary society.

"Manifesto" premiered in Melbourne, Australia in December 2015 and will be running through July 10, 2016 at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.

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