Julia Hahn | TV Programs | DW | 30.01.2017
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DW News

Julia Hahn

"I'm impressed by courageous people who work hard to make changes and improve our society," says Julia Hahn. As a journalist, she strives to give these people a voice and share their stories.

Photo of Julia Hahn, a Deutsche Welle news host and reporter

Julia Hahn is a presenter and reporter for DW News in German

Born in:

Thuringia, Germany


German, English, and continuing to get better in Turkish and French

Education / Journalistic experience:

B.A. in Communication and Political Science (University of Erfurt, Germany, and Bogazici University Istanbul, Turkey); M.A. in Comparative and International Studies / Conflict Research (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

My first job in journalism was at age 17 with a local newspaper. Later I went to journalism school and completed a journalism traineeship.

I have hosted DW News in German since 2012. I also enjoy reporting from around the world for TV, radio and online. I have worked for German public broadcaster ARD, for German news agency dpa and for Deutschlandradio.

At Deutsche Welle since:


Favorite quote:

"I would rather be without a state than without a voice." (Edward Snowden)

My role model:

Courageous people

What I strive to be as a journalist?

As a journalist I always try to ask questions and make complex connections understandable for my audience without simplifying things too much. In a choir of diverse opinions, I don’t strive to have the loudest voice, but rather to listen to the quieter tones.

7 images I'll never forget

1. The red "on air" light on the camera during my debut as a news presenter

2. The wonderful spirit and friendliness here in Germany during the FIFA World Cup 2006

3. The collapsing towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

4. The sight of Kobane in Syria after it was destroyed by the so-called Islamic State

5. The Auschwitz survivor Jacek Zieliniewicz and his story

6. The openness and hospitality of the people I met in Iran

7. Berlin’s skyline, when the sun rises and a new day starts

Editor's note: There is no connection between this Julia Hahn and Breitbart News Network or the administration of Donald Trump.

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