Jewish Life - Four Cities Full of Culture | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 19.02.2021
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Jewish Life - Four Cities Full of Culture

1700 years of Jewish history. In this commemorative year, Germany looks back and explores new perspectives, but how do we cope at a time when anti-Semitism and right-wing populism are on the rise?

Berlin: Back to the Diaspora

Berlin’s colorful, diverse, queer culture attracts many people of Jewish faith - especially from Israel. They often belong to the third generation of Shoah survivors. How do they deal with trauma? Two very different creative perspectives.


Halle: Learning from history

The synagogue in Halle was the site of an anti-Semitic terrorist attack in 2019. But apart from this act of violence, how is this city connected to Judaism? We go in search of clues with a musician who has devoted herself to Western Yiddish culture.


Frankfurt: A Culture of Remembrance

Jewish families like the Franks and the Rothschilds have shaped cultural and economic life in Frankfurt, but the city has dwelled on the past for a long time. The Jewish Museum, which reopens in 2020, dares to look back to the future.


Munich: A Broken Identity

The Jewish communities in Germany grew enormously after the collapse of the Soviet Union, including cities like Munich. But how did they cope in a new country with a foreign language and culture to learn? Literature offers some insights.


Embracing diversity - Trying new things

A rabbi who defies clichés and a film that shakes things up. The new Jewish generation in Germany is quick-witted and self-confident. They’re putting an end to a culture of remembrance that fails to embrace the present.


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