JazzKicks unites female soccer players and German jazz musicians | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 22.10.2010
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JazzKicks unites female soccer players and German jazz musicians

It sounds like an unlikely combination: a German women's jazz band and women's soccer on an island in the heart of the Arab world. But that was the program at JazzKicks in Manama, Bahrain this week.

The German Women's Jazz Orchestra in Bahrain

The German Women's Jazz Orchestra held workshops for local musicians and performed

"I'm a headache for tour organizers because I always insist on rehearsing my music with local musicians," said Angelika Niescier, head of the German Women's Jazz Orchestra and a jazz performer and conductor. "Inter-cultural music exchange is the purpose of my tours."

The band was formed at the initiative of Deutsche Welle and consists of members of the German National Jazz Orchestra (Bundesjazzorchester).

Angelika Niescier performs at the JazzKicks event

Angelika Niescier set out to prove that "cultural barriers vanish" when playing music

The 12-member ensemble travelled to Bahrain this week to kick off another all-female event: the Women's Football Cup ARABIA 2010 beginning October 18. There, national female soccer teams from eight countries including Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and, of course, Bahrain are facing off. The championship continues until October 28.

Author: Ahmed Hazeem (gsw)
Editor: Rick Fulker

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