Jamie Oliver and 10 other iconic chefs | Lifestyle | DW | 11.11.2015
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Jamie Oliver and 10 other iconic chefs

Jamie Oliver has revolutionized British cuisine and has been using his fame to promote healthy food. Here are 10 more top chefs who have changed the way we cook food.

At the end of the 1990s, Jamie Oliver proved men could look great and have fun in the kitchen through his BBC cooking program "The Naked Chef."

He quickly became extremely popular, and he used his influence to have an impact on people's eating habits. In 2005, he started campaigning against junk food in schools and had a real influence on British government policies.

Now he is visiting Berlin, promoting the German edition of his latest book "Jamie's Everyday Super Food."

He also met with Manuela Schwesig, the German Minister for Family, Senior Citizens Women and Youth on Wednesday (11.11.2015). According to one of his instagram posts, they met to talk about the importance of food education.

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