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Jaafar Abdul Karim | Shabab Talk

Elena IsayenkoNovember 12, 2012

The Lebanese credo for an authentic broadcast – thorough research and doing assignments abroad.

Image: DW

Jaafar Abdul Karim

Shabab Talk“ (a political talk show format for young people) is his current show. In Egypt alone the show has amounts to (over) 4 million viewers every week. As the name already implies, young people from Germany and the Arabic countries discuss current, socio-political topics.

To me, Shabab Talk is one of the few shows in which you have such a direct and open dialogue between Germany and the countries of the Arab World. When I see how lively and enthusiastically my young guests discuss and debate, I always look forward to the next show.”

One goal Jaafar Abdul Karim set himself is to not only present the show inside the studio but to also incorporate his experiences from his foreign assignments and stays abroad into the show. As a reporter during the Arab spring he was always present on-site: in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Before hosting Shabab Talk, Jaafar Abdul Karim worked as an editor and video journalist for the talk show “Jugend ohne Grenzen” (Youth without borders); he therefore commuted between Cairo and Berlin to shoot and produce his reportages for the show.

„My job at DW allows me to work in a very international environment. This way I really get to know many different cultures. Previously I worked for MDR (German regional TV) and SAT1 (German Cable TV) and so learned a lot about the German media scene.”

Born in Liberia and raised in Switzerland and Lebanon, Jafaar Abdul Karim feels at home in both worlds. He studied Media Computer Science at the TU (Technische Universität) Dresden and at the INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) Lyon; additionally he completed a directing workshop at the London Film Academy. Now Jaafar lives in multiple cultures. This had a decisive influence on him and his life.

To me, people and their personalities are important, regardless of their origin.”

He now lives in Berlin.

“I very much enjoy hosting Shabab Talk and I am excited and looking forward to see what the future holds.”

Host Jaafar Abdul Karim has another reason to be pleased. Medium Magazin named him “Newcomer of the Year” at the end of January. And he also placed in the top ten at the annual “Journalist of the Year” awards, coming in sixth place.

Text: Elena Isayenko
Edited by: Adelheid Lucas

Translated by: Wesley Rahn

Jaafar Abdul Karim