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Israel admits to strike that killed Gaza aid workers

Gasia Ohanes | Steven Gislam
April 3, 2024

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the strike — which has sparked condemnation from world leaders — was "unintentional." One of food charity World Central Kitchen's convoys was hit after leaving a warehouse in central Gaza.


[Video transcript]

A camp for the displaced in Rafah
Children hoping for a meal are turned away. 

(Thabet Hamdan, displaced from Jabalia)
"I am responsible for thirty families in al-Salam camp. The time for people to break their fast is nearing, and they haven't prepared any food. People rely heavily on what the World Central Kitchen provides, because the situation is dire and they cannot afford to buy food due to its high cost."

The kitchen is closed — on the door is a sign in Arabic announcing the closure — to mourn a day after seven members of the food aid charity were killed in an Israeli strike on their aid convoy.

Footage taken after the attack showed two burnt-out armored vehicles featuring the NGO’s logo, as well as an unarmored vehicle.

The NGO says the vehicles were travelling through a deconflicted zone and had coordinated their movements beforehand with Israeli authorities.

The killing of aid workers, including British, Polish, Australian, US and Canadian citizens, has sparked strong condemnations from foreign governments and the international community. Including from Israel's closest ally, the US. 

(John Kirby, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications) 
"We were outraged to learn of an IDF strike that killed a number of civilian humanitarian workers yesterday from the World Central Kitchen. We expect the broader investigation to be conducted and to be done so in a swift and comprehensive manner. We hope that those findings will be made public and that there is appropriate accountability held."

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed that Israel was responsible for the airstrike.

(Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister)
"Unfortunately, a tragic incident happened in the last 24 hours, of an unintentional harm of our forces on innocent people, in the Gaza Strip. It happens in war. We are fully looking into it, contacting with governments, and we will do everything so this incident won't happen again."

With over 200 aid workers killed in this conflict, Israel is facing increasing pressure to protect civilians and humanitarian aid workers.