IS video purports to show execution of Arab Israeli | News | DW | 10.03.2015
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IS video purports to show execution of Arab Israeli

"Islamic State" militants claim to have executed an Arab Israeli who was allegedly spying for Israeli intelligence. The group circulated a video online that shows his execution, the militants say.

Arab Israeli Mohamed Said Ismail Musalam was put to death by "Islamic State" (IS), according to a video released online on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old appears in an orange jumpsuit, the standard uniform IS prisoners have worn in previous execution videos.

A man speaking French reportedly accuses Musalam of spying for Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad, before a boy, estimated to be roughly 12 years old, shoots the IS captive in the head.

The militant group has released a number of execution videos online, but until now has largely targeted captives whose home countries are participating in a US-led military campaign aimed at driving IS out of Iraq and Syria.

If independently verified, Musalam's execution would be the first involving spy allegations.

Victim joined IS

According to Israeli officials and the victim's family, the 19-year-old left to fight alongside IS in late autumn.

Musalam contacted his father, Said, while based in IS' self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa, in northern Syria. He had reportedly sought a way to leave the militant organization after becoming disillusioned with the group.

It was not immediately clear why IS believed Musalam guilty of espionage. However, the victim's father told the Associated Press news agency that the allegations stemmed from fears that his son would leak information once he returned home.

"They did not want to let him leave because if he comes back, he might be caught by the Israelis and tell them what he had seen. So they wanted to get rid of him," the father said. "I know my son. I raised him well. I am sure he's not working for the Mossad."

kms/gsw (AP, AFP)

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