Integration with Goat’s Cheese | DocFilm | DW | 01.12.2019

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Integration with Goat’s Cheese

A political activist forced to flee Ethiopia has built a new life for herself in northern Italy, where she’s founded a successful business producing and selling goat’s cheese. The move has helped increase numbers among an increasingly rare breed of the animals, which are allowed to graze on abandoned communal pastures.

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Agitu Ideo Gudeta had to leave her homeland eight years ago after getting involved in protests against land grabs by international corporations. Arriving in Europe, the trained sociologist had to start again from scratch - and set out to found a business in the alpine Trento region. At the ‘La Capra Felice’ or ‘The Happy Goat’, she only uses milk from Pezzata Mochena goats, an local indigenous breed whose numbers have declined dramatically in the last few years. Starting with a herd of just 15 goats, Gudeta now has 180, and her firm has attracted media attention at both the national and international levels. Young people from all over the region are flocking to her dairy farm to learn how to make her popular cheese. The documentary tells the story of a brave entrepreneur with a smart approach who has managed to turn her concept into a success story.