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Inside Europe

Helen Seeney
March 13, 2023

A weekly deep-dive into the twists and turns of European current affairs, politics and culture, brought to you by Germany’s international broadcaster.

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Inside Europe 13.04.2023

“Expertly produced, Inside Europe is an excellent, hour-long weekly review that manages to strike a balance between accessibility and depth, thanks to a team of seasoned correspondents spread across Europe. It offers journalistic excellence accompanied by groovy music.” (Mace Magazine)

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Over three decades broadcasting from the heart of Europe

A veteran of the European broadcasting landscape, Inside Europe has been covering European affairs for over three decades: our correspondents were there when the Berlin Wall fell, when the Balkans wars broke out, and when Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Now the continent is changing again, and Inside Europe is rising to the challenge. Every Thursday, we bring you a combination of expert analysis and on-the-ground reporting, investigating the issues shaping the headlines and throwing new light on lesser known aspects of life in the various countries of Europe.

Editor’s Picks

To get a feel for how we respond to major events as they happen, we recommend listening to our broadcasts from 24.02.2022, the day that Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, or from 09.02.2023, as our correspondents reacted to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey.

Some of our favourite interviews included the British human rights lawyer Philippe Sands, the Ukrainian literary scholar Tetyana Ogarkova, and the German video artist Mario Pfeiffer.

And for something entirely different, we recommend our themed specials: Europe on the Move and Women of Europe.

Get in touch

Inside Europe is hosted by Kate Laycock, and produced by the show’s founding editor: Helen Seeney.

To get in touch with the team, contact insideeurope@dw.com