Ingolstadt′s Walpurgis gets vote of confidence as relegation looms | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 14.03.2017
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Ingolstadt's Walpurgis gets vote of confidence as relegation looms

Ingolstadt's chairman, Peter Jackwerth, said the club will stick with their coach, Maik Walpurgis, even if they are relegated from the Bundesliga at the end of the season. Walpurgis took charge at the club in November.

Maik Walpurgis, whose Ingolstadt are in one of the relegation spots in the Bundesliga, has been given a vote of confidence by Ingolstadt chairman Peter Jackwerth in comments published by Ingolstadt-based newspaper "Donaukurier" on Tuesday.

"[The responsibility] doesn't lie on our coaching staff if we go down," Jackwerth said. "One definitely sees how the team is marching - Walpurgis, for me personally, will also be our coach next year."

Walpurgis, 43, took over for Markus Kauczinski in November after Ingolstadt failed to record a league victory in their first 10 games. The Bavarian club have collected five wins since Walpurgis's appointment, but they still sit in the relegation zone in 17th place and are seven points behind Hamburg in 16th.

"We need to eventually start getting three points, and then also get two or three wins in a row," said Jackwerth. "If we don't get 12 or 13 points in our last five home games, then it will be very tough." 

The Ingolstadt coach was seen scouting Borussia Dortmund, Ingolstadt's next Bundesliga opponent, as they beat Sportfreunde Lotte 3-0 in Osnabrueck. His team has lost five of its eight games in 2017.