In a pickle: Spreewald gherkin festival missing royal couple | News | DW | 12.08.2018
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In a pickle: Spreewald gherkin festival missing royal couple

For the first time since the Spreewald pickle festival began, no one has stepped forward to reign over the crunchy delicacy. The lush biosphere faced other problems this year, including a lack of help for the harvest.

Organizers of the 20th annual pickle festival in Spreewald announced on Sunday that no one wanted to be king or queen of the pickles this year.

Despite more than 150 businesses participating in the festival, not one person applied for the queen or king roles, organizers added.

Spreewald, a lush biosphere south of Berlin, is known for its pickled cucumbers.

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Home to a vast network of lakes, canals and agricultural areas, the Spreewald region draws thousands of tourists each year.

The queen of the pickles

Every year, a queen and king of the pickles is chosen during the festival

But the lack of a pickle queen or king this year wasn't the only problem Spreewald faced this year.

Due to warm weather, the harvest of the pickles was pushed forward. A lack of help for the harvest meant many picklers struggled to reap their crop.

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For those with a more adventurous appetite, Spreewald offers a 260-kilometer bike path known as the "Gurkenradweg" through the UNESCO nature reserve, dotted with cucumber fields and pickling plants.

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