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How tech can help build communities

April 26, 2023

From 3D-printed houses, apartments entirely made from recycled materials and high-speed internet access in remote villages in Nepal's Himalayan region.


Connecting remote places to the world 

Almost half the world's population is still without internet access. People in poorer, remote regions lose out – because the repercussions are far greater than not being able to send a few messages. They miss out on opportunities for education, business and development, such as in remote villages in Nepal's Himalaya mountains.

Report: Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt, Nepal (supported by the Internet Society)


3D-printing houses in eight hours?!

Imagine this: People need shelter and within eight hours, you've 3D-printed a house for them. That's what a professor at the University of Johannesburg is envisioning with his students. That could help solve South Africa's housing crisis, because these 3D printed houses are supposed to be quicker to build and even cheaper than regular brick and mortar homes.

Report: Heiko Wirtz, voiced by Ben Restle  

A very different 'new' apartment

In Switzerland, near Zurich, researchers have built an apartment from recycled materials – walls made of old glass, kitchen counters from melted plastic. There are even walls that can be taken apart and recycled if a wall is no longer needed.

Report: Kathrin Hondl, voiced by Anne-Sophie Brändlin 

Sarah Steffen Sarah works as radio host and producer, reporter and editor.
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