Hong Kong jury finds British banker guilty of murder | News | DW | 08.11.2016
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Hong Kong jury finds British banker guilty of murder

A jury in Hong Kong has unanimously found British man Rurik Jutting guilty of murder. The Cambridge-educated banker had already confessed to killing two Indonesian women two years ago, but pleaded manslaughter.

The nine-person jury returned their unanimous verdicts in the High Court on Tuesday.

Jutting, 31, pleaded not guilty to murdering Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, in 2014 on grounds of "diminished responsibility" due to alcohol and drug abuse and sexual disorders.

Jutting was found guilty of murder in the death of 23-year-old Sumarti Ningsih, after prosecutors said Jutting was using cocaine while torturing her for three days before slitting her throat, with jurors shown smartphone video clips of the torture he filmed.

Jutting crammed her body inside a suitcase that he left on the balcony of his apartment near the Wan Chai red-light district.

The jury also found Jutting guilty of the murder of 26-year-old Seneng Mujiasih, who was killed days later.

jbh/kms (Reuters, AP)

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