Holiday weather: First heat wave in sight | DW Travel | DW | 02.06.2015
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Holiday weather: First heat wave in sight

Finally summer! This is welcome news after a cool May. Later this week Germany is on track to crack 30 degrees Celsius on the barometer.

The German weather service is optimistic: on Wednesday and Thursday temperatures are expected to rise in many places across the country significantly. It'll be warmest in Munich, at 30 degrees, and along the Danube.

"Just in time for the public holiday, it's a Germany-wide sunny day," said meteorologist Sebastian Schappert from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach. According to the forecast, on Thursday - a public holiday in parts of Germany, marking the feast of Corpus Christi - temperatures in the northern half of Germany will reach 25 degrees.

On Friday meteorologists expect the warmest day of the year yet. "At several stations in the south we expect 30 degrees to be achieved," Schappert said. On the upper Rhine temperatures of up to 34 degrees may be reached. Summer joy however will be short-lived, as over the weekend a storm will approach from the north-west - bringing cooler weather and high winds.

For meteorologists the summer officially began on Monday - as the seasons are divided into full months. According to the calendar however, the summer officially begins on June 21.

at/sr (dpa)