High Five: 5 weird nicknames for European royals you′ve probably never heard | Lifestyle | DW | 15.05.2018
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High Five: 5 weird nicknames for European royals you've probably never heard

Royals: They're just people, after all. And they're even said to have a private life! Kitschy nicknames are proof of that. And despite all efforts, some of them can't be kept secret.

The Queen of England is a cabbage. That's at least what her husband, Prince Philip, seems to think.

The royal couple has been married for 61 years now. The prince, known for his black humor, is said to sometimes call Her Royal Highness "cabbage." If the nickname was intended to remain a marital secret, it somehow must have leaked to the public.

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Some royals don't wait for the leak but instead courageously step forward to reveal their odd nicknames to the media, such as Prince Harry and Prince William for instance. But of course, they won't overdo it, since they both are rumored to have numerous nicknames for each another. Most of them are probably too embarrassing to be revealed to the public.

That should come as no surprise since everyone knows that once you have a nickname, it sticks like glue. The Danish Crown Prince Frederik knows this all too well.

So what do royals call one another when they are only among themselves? We give you the scoop in our High Five gallery above. 

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