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Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) was one of the most significant early Dutch painters from the late medieval period. He is particularly renowned for his mysterious depictions of religious themes, including hell.

Only little is known of Hieronymus Bosch's life, except that he came from a family of painters and was born and died in the Dutch town of 's-Hertogenbosch. Focusing largely on religious themes, his works often portrayed the sins of mankind and their consequences. He produced several well known triptychs, the most famous of which is "The Garden of Earthly Delights." Bosch enormously influenced 16th-century art in northern Europe with his fantastical and deeply pessimistic style. Nowadays he is seen as an individualistic painter with deep psychological insight. Many of Bosch's works are held in Madrid's Museo Nacional del Prado.