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#headabovewater - Netherlands: A seafarer’s tale

December 27, 2014

Fighting pirates, a girl in every harbor - those are the tales of adventure and romance we associate with the lives of seafarers. But Jeroen’s life working on a large cargo ship couldn’t look more different.

Nur für Life Links - Jeroen
Image: DW/C. Nasman

#headabovewater: Call of duty - Jeroen, Netherlands

The Dutch city of Rotterdam has one of the biggest and busiest harbors in Europe. Every day hundreds of boats arrive carrying cargo from all over the world. It’s here where Life Links reporter Carl meets Jeroen, who works as a seafarer on one of the ships. He and his colleagues face countless obstacles: from shipwrecks, piracy and dangerous working conditions to abandonment in port cities by their shipping companies and long months at sea without any contact with loved ones back home.

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