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Has climate activism failed?

Neil King | Natalie Muller
June 17, 2022

Global CO2 emissions continue to rise despite the urgent need to decarbonize. What does this failure to tackle climate change mean for climate activism? Is radicalization the next step?


Interviewees featured in this episode:

Luisa Neubauer, German climate activist with Fridays For Future

Kumi Naidoo, South African climate activist and former head of Greenpeace and Amnesty International

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Neil King and Bill McKibben conducted this interview on the future of climate activism to mark DW's teaming up with Covering Climate Now, a global journalism collaboration of more than 500 news outlets, committed to more urgent and informed coverage of climate change.


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About the show

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This award-winning podcast is for those who want more than just the green angle when it comes to the environment and climate change.

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