Hamburg gallery opens exhibition on surviving climate disasters | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 28.07.2010
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Hamburg gallery opens exhibition on surviving climate disasters

Hamburg's arts and crafts museum has installed a large, transparent plastic bubble containing a palm tree to attract visitors to its latest exhibition called "Climate Capsules: Means of Surviving Disaster."

The exhibition is Germany's first to bring together historical and current climate-related models, strategies and utopias from the areas of design, art, architecture, and urban development. The aim is not to stop climate change, but to imagine a way to suvive after disaster has struck.

More than 30 mobile, temporary and urban capsules intended to make human life possible regardless of the surrounding climatic conditions are on view - from floating cities and body capsules to concepts for fertilizing sea water, protective measures against over-heating or injecting the stratosphere with sulphur.

A symposium, film program, readings, performances and workshops explore the interplay between design and political factors such as migration, border politics and resource conflicts.

Author: Peter Zimmermann
Editor: Kate Bowen