Hambach Castle becomes European Heritage | DW Travel | DW | 12.03.2015
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Hambach Castle becomes European Heritage

The European Commission has honored the historical castle near Neustadt an der Weinstraße for being the "cradle of German Democracy." In a significant way, the site represents the European ideal, the jury commented.

On May 27 in 1832 almost 30,000 people from all over Germany, but also France and Poland, gathered together at Hambach Castle to demand democracy, freedom and a united Europe.

Today an exhibition in the castle still remembers these events, also known as the Hambach Festival. Information is presented digitally and interactively and is available in several languages - a concept that also convinced the jury, besides the symbolic value of the castle. The European Heritage label will be awarded on April 15 in Brussels.

Since 2014, the European Union has recognized sites that played a major role in the history of European unification. Other sites on the list are the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, the sites of reformation in Germany, the shipyard of Gdansk in Poland, as well as the birthplaces of Verdi and Puccini in Italy.

The award aims at strengthening a feeling of common identity amongst young Europeans and at promoting the value of national and regional diversity, as well as intercultural dialogue.