Haiti suspends Oxfam GB operations for two months | News | DW | 22.02.2018

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Haiti suspends Oxfam GB operations for two months

Haiti has revoked Oxfam GB's approval to operate in the country while its government investigates sexual misconduct allegations against the charity. They date back to the aftermath of Haiti's 2010 earthquake disaster.

Haiti has temporarily banned Oxfam GB from operating in the country following allegations of sexual misconduct among its staff, the country announced on Thursday.

Haiti's Planning and External Cooperation Minister Aviol Fleurant said he was rescinding Oxfam GB's authorization for two months on the grounds of "serious failings" by Oxfam between and 2010 and 2011.

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'Serious error'

Fleurant said Oxfam GB had made a "serious error" by failing to inform Haitian authorities of the actions by their staff at the time they occurred.

"These reprehensible acts, alleged crimes, acknowledged by the perpetrators as well as the NGO, are a serious violation of the dignity of the Haitian people," a government statement said.

It said it was investigating the allegations and whether any of the prostitutes involved in the scandal may have been underage.

Seven Oxfam workers were fired or resigned in 2011 after allegations of misconduct during the recovery effort following a 2010 earthquake. Oxfam officials apologized for downplaying the significance of the misconduct.

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