Guinea opposition calls for election results to be canceled | News | DW | 12.10.2015
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Guinea opposition calls for election results to be canceled

Opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo has called for the results of the first round of Guinea's presidential election to be voided, citing "massive fraud." Diallo is expected to face President Alpha Conde in a run-off.

"We cannot accept this ballot, we request it be annulled. We will not accept the results of this vote," said Diallo at a press conference on Monday.

Diallo was accompanied by six other candidates running against President Alpha Conde. "It was a masquerade, a massive fraud throughout the day," Diallo added.

While the week prior to the election witnessed violence between Diallo and Conde's supporters - resulting in the deaths of more than 10 people - the vote was hailed for being peaceful, although candidates cited voting irregularities.

Guinean President Alpha Conde

President Alpha Conde has criticized the opposition for trying to "discredit the election"

Going well?

Diallo faced Conde in Guinea's first election in 2010 following years of military rule.

Several polling stations reported lack of supplies, including envelopes, while others opened later than expected.

However, Frank Engel, head of the EU observer team, said on Sunday that the vote was "going well" despite delays at some polling stations.

"What we have seen, observed and what has been reported to us does not in my view mar the proper conduct of the vote," Engel said.

But Engel admitted that Guinea's Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) was "probably less ready that it thought it was."

The EU observer mission is expected to hold a press conference on October 13 to discuss their findings.

ls/bk (AFP, AP, dpa)

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