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Gregor Gysi

Gregor Gysi is a German politician of the socialist left-wing political party The Left (Die Linke). He is the main speaker for the opposition in the Bundestag following the 2013 general elections.

Gysi, born in 1948, is considered one of the best public speakers in Germany. After the fall of the GDR regime in 1989 the former East German attorney headed the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) which then transformed into the post-Communist Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), which again later merged with the West German WASG to form the modern-day party, The Left ("Die Linke"). Gysi disputes allegations of having been an informant of East Germany's Ministry for State Security (better known as the Stasi). In 2004, he survived brain surgery and a heart attack. This page is a collection of recent DW content concerning Gysi.

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