Green lessons at Bali school | Global Ideas | DW | 10.07.2013
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Global Ideas

Green lessons at Bali school

Climate protection and sustainability are high on the time table at the Green School in Bali where 200 students from all over the world are learning to preserve the planet. The school too is leading by example.

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Project goal: teaching kids about climate change to ensure sustainable protection of the environment
Project size: around 200 children from over 40 countries
Project volume: 6,000-10,000 Euros each year per child covered by sponsors and school tours
Carbon footprint: the school is made entirely of bamboo huts. Solar energy accounts for 80 percent of the electricity. In addition, composting toilets are used to produce biogas.

In the primeval forest of Bali in Indonesia, children from over 40 nations are enrolled at the Green School where they’re learning how to save the planet. For 14-year-old Nina from Berlin, the school located on the Ayung river is a dream come true. This is where she’s learning all about climate protection and sustainability – in a school that hardly emits any greenhouse gases itself and thus leads by example. The Green School is the centerpiece of a green village community. The 75 buildings on the campus are built from locally-sourced and sustainable materials. The walls are made of bamboo, the roofs are covered with straw and other construction materials include earth, volcanic rock and mud. The school is surrounded by tropical rainforests and rice fields that are looked after by the students. The school’s aim is to prepare and sensitize children and teenagers like Nina to find their way in a world plagued by environmental problems.

A film by Juri Rescheto

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