Glamour and Grief at the Bambi Awards | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 16.11.2001
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Glamour and Grief at the Bambi Awards

International personalities from film and music turned up at this year's German Media Award. But the event was overshadowed by the New York terrorist attacks.


A small figure for great deeds

Last night more than 1,000 guests applauded Germany's favourite personalities at the annual Media Award, "Bambi", in Berlin.

But this year's award was different to previous years: The stars of the show were not pop acts or TV presenters, but ordinary people – people from New York.

Award presenter Axel Bulthaupt began the evening quoting a fireman from New York: "The Light must not go out".

New York's mayor Rudolph Giuliani received a Bambi-award for his role in New York after the September 11 attacks. Actress Marisa Berenson, who lost her sister in the attacks, accepted the award in his name. In tears, the actress said: "I feel no hate. One should live one's life in love".

The German surgeon Heinrich Schoeneich and nurse Karla Scheffer were both awarded for their work helping the dying and wounded in Afghanistan. "The development there must be stopped in a joint effort," Schoeneich said.

Still going strong

Some stars simply cannot be stopped: Singer and actress Cher received a Bambi for her 36-year-long pop career.

Brasilian writer Paulo Coelho won the award for the category culture.

And among the prize-winners was the pop singer Kylie Minogue for her international comeback.

The "Bambi" Media Award was held for the first time 53 years ago. It was initiated by the German publisher Burda.

The gold-coloured figure of a deer is given to Germany's favourite personalities – from TV, film or music. There are 15 categories in all, both national and international.

Internationally renowned personalities from film, music and tv gathered in Berlin for the award ceremony.

"This here is the German Hollywood," Hollywood actor and former bodybuilder Ralf Möller said at the late evening Bambi party. "It may not be Los Angeles, but it is definitely on its way".