Ghana′s massive new National Mosque | Africa | DW | 30.07.2021

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Ghana's massive new National Mosque

Thousands of people have already flocked to Ghana's National Mosque after it opened earlier this month. Are you planning to visit the gorgeous new complex?

Watch video 01:19

Ghana's capital Accra is now home to West Africa's second biggest mosque. Funded by the Turkish government, Ghana's National Mosque is said to be a replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The complex cost at least $10 million dollars, 15,000 people can worship in the mosque at a time. Decorations include hand-drawn calligraphy of Quran verses, and the Carrara marble exterior fittings and the four minarets are also eye-catching.

Since its opening, the mosque has drawn thousands of Muslim and non-Muslim visitors. It complex includes an imam's residence, a school, a clinic, a library and a morgue. Welcome to Ghana's national mosque!