Germany′s Richest | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 06.12.2005
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Germany's Richest

DW-WORLD takes a look at the lives of Germany's wealthiest people -- at least as far as their bank accounts are concerned.


Extreme wealth has always been a source of human fascination. DW-WORLD's look at Germany's richest people allows a peek into a world of money, power and influence accessible to a very few.

Most of the people spotlighted here have trade to thank for their fortunes, be it from selling goods or manufacturing them. Still, the country's richest are a diverse lot -- a microcosm of Germany's diverse industrial culture.

Perched firmly atop the list are two brothers over 80 years old, discount supermarket barons Karl and Theo Albrecht. They are followed by an environmentally-friendly mail-order king and a 43-year old mother of three who owns a big chunk of BMW.

And so it goes: from supermarkets and cars to publishing; from baking supplies to screws and back to cars again: These are more than tales of Germany's richest few; it is the story of a nation's business.

Read about some of Germany's wealthiest people by clicking on the links below. More profiles will follow shortly!

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