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Germany's new €49 monthly travel pass explained

April 28, 2023

From May 1, you can use most buses, trams and trains across the country with Germany's new €49 euro monthly public transport pass. Here's everything you need to know about it.

A man holds his phone, showing his Deutschlandticket travel pass
The Deutschlandticket is available on most public transport apps in GermanyImage: Dwi Anoraganingrum/Panama Pictures/picture alliance

When can you start using the Deutschlandticket travel pass?

Ticketholders can start using the pass from May 1, 2023.


Is the €49 ticket a limited-time offer?

No. But this pass is only available as a monthly subscription. You can sign up and cancel your subscription whenever you please. Be sure, however, to cancel your subscription by the 10th of the month if you wish to end the subscription by the end of said month.


Where do I sign up?

You can take out a subscription on the Deutsche Bahn (DB) website, sign up through various public transport apps, such as Berlin's BVG ticket app, at Deutsche Bahn service points and many other places.


Who can sign up and use the ticket?

According to Deutsche Bahn, anyone who has an account with a bank that's part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) can sign up for the travel pass. This means tourists visiting Germany can also use the €49 ticket.

Which train and bus connections can I use?

You may use most means of public transport in Germany. This includes public service buses, trams, subways, light rail connections and even ferries. Most regional express (RE) train services are included too, though not all. So be sure to check whether your ticket is valid before embarking on your journey.


Which services are excluded?

The €49 ticket does not entitle you to travel on long-distance ICE (Intercity Express), ECE (Eurocity-Express), IC (Intercity), EC (Eurocity) or Railjet (RJ) connections. Private operators, such as FlixTrain, are not participating in the scheme either. The €49 ticket may not be used to travel in first class carriages.


Can a second person use the ticket along with me?


A woman boards a Berlin tram
Ticketholders may also use public trams like this oneImage: DW

Is there a special discount for children?

Children under the age of six can travel for free on German public transport. Children of six years and older need their own ticket, there is no discount.


Is the ticket transferable?

No, every pass bears the owner's name. It cannot be transferred to or used by anyone else. Ticketholders must carry their ID with them as proof of identity.


Can I use the ticket to travel abroad?

The ticket is largely restricted to connections within Germany. Certain exceptions do, however, apply. Ticketholders may, for instance, take a Bavarian regional train (BRB) to nearby Salzburg in Austria.

If you are planning a trip abroad, be sure to check if your pass is valid for this particular connection.


Can I take a bike?

No, taking a bike onto a train requires an extra ticket.


May I take my pet?

Owners of pets no larger than a cat may take their companions along for free. Larger pets require an additional ticket.

Further information is available on the Deutsche Bahn website.

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