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Germany: Green Vault jewel heist suspect nabbed

August 19, 2021

German police have arrested a sixth suspect wanted in connection with the historic Green Vault heist. A gang made off with a priceless haul in an audacious November 2019 raid.

German police investigate the scene of the Green Vault heist in Dresden
German investigators say the probe will still take some time, despite the latest arrestImage: Hannibal Hanschke/REUTERS

German authorities believe they have caught the sixth and final major suspect wanted in connection with the raid on Dresden's historic Green Vault. A 23-year-old man was arrested on Thursday morning in a Berlin apartment.

A jewel heist that drew global attention

In a matter of minutes in November 2019, the gang had entered the Green Vault through an open window and made off with precious jewels and artifacts of historical significance.

They then fled to a getaway car which was later found burnt out, with no trace of the suspects or their stash.

Some of the exhibits stolen from Dresden's Green Vault in 2019.
Several highly valued exhibits were stolen in the 2019 heist

A special task team of investigators from Saxony's state police was appointed to find those responsible.

A breakthrough was made in November 2020 when three suspects were arrested in Berlin. In December of that year, a fourth suspect was collared.

In May of this year police swooped on principle suspect number five, also in Berlin.

Case not yet closed

The whereabouts of the gang's priceless loot is still unknown. Saxony's police said in a statement: "Because of the size and complexity of the matter, investigations will still take a considerable amount of time."

The investigators believe the burglary is the work of the Remmo clan, which is also responsible for the theft of the 100-kilogram Big Maple Leaf gold coin from Berlin's Bode Museum in 2017.

Police are also looking into several other suspects who they believe aided and abetted the gang by surveying the museum shortly before the heist took place.

kb/msh (AFP, dpa, epd)