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Germany hosts Euro 2024: Kicking its way out of the crisis?

July 4, 2024

Expectations are high as Germany hosts Europe’s largest football tournament for the first time since unification. Can the championship deliver victory for the German team, a boost for the beleaguered economy, a “summer fairytale” with a happy end? Our guests: Guy Chazan, (Financial Times); Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico); Danya Barsalona (DW)

DW Guy Chazan in der DW-Sendung "to the point"
Image: DW


Guy Chazan heads the Berlin bureau of the Financial Times.


DW Matthew Karnitschnig in der DW-Sendung "to the point"
Image: DW





Matthew Karnitschnig is Politico’s Chief Europe Correspondent



DW Danya Barsalona in der DW-Sendung "to the point"
Image: DW



Danya Barsalona reports on sports and football  for DW and is a player herself: she played as a midfielder for teams in Germany,  Norway and Spain.

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