German Pop - Shantel | German Pop | DW | 29.09.2010
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German Pop

German Pop - Shantel

Stefan Hantel has many professions: DJ, musician, producer, label manager and impresario. But the man from the German state of Hesse is best known for his stage name 'Shantel' - the uncrowned king of Balkan-Pop.

Wherever Shantel and his band mates from the Bukovina Club Orkestar appear, people start to party. In his sophisticated remixes, Shantel blends together electronic sounds with urban dancefloor and traditional arrangements from Southeastern Europe.

DJ Shantel and his Bucovina Club on stage

DJ Shantel and his Bukovina Club

Hundred-year-old melodies morph into modern and highly danceable party tunes. Tracks which, at first listen, evoke images of Eastern Europe, vodka and folk dancing, but then quickly evolve into something non-dogmatic - and something which transcends boundaries.

In Edition 5 of our podcast "German Pop," we invite you to experience a live performance by Shantel and his Bukovina Club Orkestar. Deutsche Welle recorded the show at the Gloria Theater in Cologne, as part of this year's c/o Pop Festival.

Author: Matthias Klaus/Melanie Aberle
Editor: Louisa Schaefer

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