German Pop Music Gets Political Boost | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 18.12.2004
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German Pop Music Gets Political Boost

German lawmakers on Friday passed a motion urging radio station to play more home-grown pop acts to support the domestic music industry. The recommendation approved by parliament asks radio stations to dedicate at least 35 percent of their programming to German artists, with half of the quota featuring new bands or music. Unlike in France, where the language quota is a law, Germany is only requesting a voluntary following. Nonetheless, the decision is an “important signal to musicians in Germany that they are important to us and we value their work,” said Antje Vollmer, Greens cultural affairs spokeswoman. She said the move would lead to a more diversified radio output, more public exposure for new artists and would contribute to the revitalization of the music industry. The German music business has been hit hard by declining profits and sales and has complained that radio stations play too much foreign music. German public broadcaster ARD, which runs television and radio stations, criticized parliament’s recommendation saying good music does not need a quota system to reach the airwaves. Authorities will check radio stations to make sure they are following the quota. Tighter laws could be implemented if needed, Vollmer said.

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