German Pop - Abel & Cain | German Pop | DW | 16.06.2010
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German Pop

German Pop - Abel & Cain

Abel & Cain, having been professionally coached at the Popcamp, are ready to take their cool Britpop Made in Germany to an international audience.

Abel & Cain's lead singer Chris Blöcher is sure that pretty soon there'll come a time when stadium crowds are singing along to their songs. "Basically we’re ready for our time, our D-Day in the music scene if you like," he said, "That’s the only thing we want to do and we're giving it our all to make sure it happens." Quite ambitious, one might think, to compare their musical breakthrough with the Normandy landings, but these aren’t empty words. But despite their burgeoning popularity, they decided the direction the band was reading in just wasn't them.

Front man Chris onstage

Front man Chris on stage

A knack for pathos

They let the Atemlos project fold and switched to singing in English with the formation of Abel & Cain. They're not shy about citing big guns like Oasis and Coldplay as influences; their music is rock with an emotional slant…and not necessarily always with positive origins. "All these emotional songs and melodies actually originate from certain feelings of rage," explains Chris, "not necessarily against things which you have done wrong yourself but things that are or were frustrating and which play off each other. We see ourselves as headed in a direction which will allow us to say we can be free to do what we want." Their journey to fame and fortune has seen them successfully complete a stint at Popcamp, an intense band coaching boot camp organized by the German Music Council, and put the finishing touches to the recordings for their debut album.

PopCamp logo

The PopCamp is a high-level band coaching project sponsored by the German Music Council

All set for the international market

Chris is actually dreaming of a future where he isn’t chained to Germany: "I'd like to be somewhere where no one knows who I am, where I don't know anyone, where I'd never know what might happen when I walk around the corner. That’s what I want." In order to accomplish that, he's ditched the idea of singing in German with the view that English songs fare better internationally than German ones.

Abel & Cain rehearsing

Today the clubs, tomorrow the stadiums?

The five year plan

Abel & Cain aren't dreaming of success; as far as the four guys from Düsseldorf are concerned, they're already convinced it's going to happen and that this is the right time. At the moment, they're all working flat out towards this goal so much so that Chris knows exactly where he sees the band in five years' time. "I want to see the music we make mature and to see it develop into something round and perfect," he adds, "I can picture way more live shows, touring our third album. I can really see us doing well in this business. In fact, I can’t imagine anything else."

Abel & Cain consists of:

Christian Blöcher (vocals, guitar)

Marek Noe (vocals, guitar)

Dominik Skworz (bass)

Alexander Wenk (drums)

Author: Ulli Jose Anders

Editor: Gavin Blackburn / Rick Fulker

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