German Pop - 1000 Robota | German Pop | DW | 23.02.2011
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German Pop

German Pop - 1000 Robota

1000 Robota, but nope, they're not machines. They're flesh and blood, although not kin to electro-pioneers Kraftwerk. 1000 Robota play punk, post-punk, hardcore - with a cool, original sound and a 'let 'er rip' energy.

1000 Robota arrived on the scene in 2008. While Anton Spielmann, Sebastian Muxfeldt and Jonas Hinnerkort, the three guys in the band, were still in school, their first album - "Hamburg brennt" (Hamburg's Burning) - caused a furor. The three friends from way up north in Germany sounded the battle call against all those who'd been griping about their generation. In their songs, 1000 Robota are angry, aggressive and cocky, and don't mince words when it comes to putting wise guys in their place.

Tough stuff

1000 Robota wear suits - in black, of course

1000 Robota wear suits - in black, of course

They've got a skewed sound full of serrating guitar and harassing fire in verbal form that reflects a more complex, contradictory sense of their generation than the whole group of juvenile rock up-and-comers taken together. 1000 Robota polarize, and have stirred up the otherwise smug German pop-bohemian scene. In more musically open-minded Great Britain, people have completely hyped the group, while Germans aren't quite sure what to make of them.

On their second album, entitled "UFO," the self-assured boys are a little more cerebral, but also stay true to their basic attitude of not making feel-good music, but punk, punk, and more punk. After all, punk is more than just music - it's a way of life. And 1000 Robota's creed is that if punk is presented while wearing a suit, it might even reach those who would normally snub it.

Author: Suzanne Cords / als

Editor: Rick Fulker

Here you can catch 1000 Robota in a free download.

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