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Behind Behind Bars

DW staff (nda)
September 23, 2008

An alleged German bank robber took all the necessary precautions when preparing to execute her latest heist. However, she didn't count on one observant man's fascination with her backside.

The ski mask certainly wasn't what gave the thief awayImage: Bilderbox

Bank robbers tend to go to great lengths to disguise their identity. Masks are usually worn; balaclavas tend to give the violent thief a business-like aura while the clown look mixes fun and disconcertingly evil aspects to great effect. Usually, the face wear is accompanied by non-descript clothing, with slimming black the color of choice.

However, robbers will be unhappy to hear that not even the most heavily disguised criminal can be 100 percent sure of getting away with their swag. An alleged German robber has been identified and caught -- not because her face was caught on camera or a distinctive t-shirt she was wearing had been seen again, but because an eagle-eyed witness recognized her large behind.

The 26-year old female robber originally got away with around 15,000 euros ($22,100) from a raid at a bank in the western German town of Norf but when she returned to hit the same bank again, the witness saw a "very large" backside and a pair of "powerful thighs" which he thought he'd seen before, standing in front of him in the queue.

Robber faces plenty of gym time in jail

"(The witness) called the police and they arrested her and found her ski mask and hand gun in her jacket. He said he recognized her bottom straight away -- he'd never forget something that big," one bank worker told reporters.

The robber now faces up to 10 years in jail on robbery and firearms charges while the 61-year-old witness has landed a 5000-euro reward.