Galettes from Brittany | Beef and Pork | DW | 12.09.2018
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Beef and Pork

Galettes from Brittany

Bretons like their crepes savory and filled with all kinds of interesting things such as ham, groundbeef, sausages and roquefort. Galettes are made with buckwheat flour.

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Galettes from Brittany

Recipe: Galette Bretonne - Breton Crêpes

For 6 portions


250 g buckwheat flour
1 egg
40 g melted butter
slices of cooked ham
50 cl cold water
A pinch of salt

Preparation of a classical galette complète:

Whisk the flour, salt and egg together.
Add the water little by little and stir till the batter is smooth and creamy. 

Let the batter sit in the refrigerator for at least two hours. 

Brush the griddle with egg yolk or grease.  Pour the batter onto the griddle, spread it evenly and fry it at 200 degrees Celsius. 

Once the batter sets, flip the galette and brush it with melted butter.  Now break an egg over the galette and fry it.  As soon as the egg has set, sprinkle the galette with some grated gruyère cheese, add a few slices of cooked ham, fold the pancake over and brush once more with salted butter. 

The crêpes may also be served with champignons in béchamel sauce or with ground beef, sausages or Roquefort cheese or other toppings of your own choice. 

For a sweet variation, use regular wheat flour and spread caramel sauce, chocolate or jam on the crêpes.  Also, a flambé version with Grand Marnier is a popular dessert.  


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