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Gönna Ketels
Image: privat

Gönna Ketels

Reporter, specializing in European culture and lifestyle, globalization, human rights and social justice – with a fondness for food and quirky stories

Gönna loves uncovering and narrating people's everyday lives, and sometimes untold stories. She also enjoys getting creative while developing new formats for DW's diverse audience and various media platforms.

Born and raised in northern Germany, she trained as a journalist at Bournemouth University in England, and as a trainee at DW. While gaining experience at various German and international media outlets, she has spent over a decade freelancing across DW's departments in different roles. Her passion lies in on-the-ground reporting and visual storytelling. As a reporter, she has traveled the world, producing everything from TV news segments to social media content and documentaries.

Some of her most memorable moments working for DW include reporting on working conditions in ship breaking yards in Bangladesh, spending a night in the world's deepest hotel in Wales, filming with climate activists in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati and fishing for crayfish in a Berlin lake.

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