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French campaign urges men: 'Drive like a woman!'

Sami Behbehani
May 13, 2024

There is a perception in society that men are safer drivers than women, according to the Victims and Citizens association. But French road accident statistics suggest otherwise.

Female Uber Driver behind the weel in Paris, France
'Driving like a woman just means one thing, staying alive,' according to the campaign adImage: Mohamad Alsayed/AA/picture alliance

A new campaign aimed at having men reflect upon their driving behavior is now online in France. The Victimes et Citoyens association has issued a plea for men to "Drive like a woman!" 

Victimes & Citoyens provides support to victims of traffic accidents and tries to create awareness about road safety. 

What is the main cause of traffic accidents in France?

According to the French road safety observatory 84% of fatal car accidents in 2022-2023 were caused by men.

The annual report also noted that men were responsible for 93% of accidents under the influence of alcohol

To the campaigners this refutes the common sexist notion of men being the safer drivers. Their solution: Adopting the driving style of women will help people "stay alive." 

The campaign "Drive like a woman!" is being distributed online via social media platforms. In real life it can be seen in subway stations and on digital panels. 

Edited by: Louis Oelofse