Freiburg Germany′s sun-kissed gateway to the Black Forest | DW Travel | DW | 30.07.2012
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Freiburg Germany's sun-kissed gateway to the Black Forest

Freiburg is Germany's eco-capital. Residents are known for protecting the environment - and for staying put. As the saying goes, "Once a Freiburger, always a Freiburger."

Strollers walk their dogs in Freiburg, southern Germany, on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005.

Green and sunny Freiburg is Germany's eco-capital

Freiburg's best-known building, the monastery, is one of the largest masterpieces of Gothic architecture in all of Germany. The glittering altar inside was built by Hans Baldung Grien, a student of Albrecht Duerer.

Another landmark of the city is the many brooks that run through all through it. The beautiful old town is actually new, having been restored after World War II.

The 700-year-old restaurant "Zum Roten Baeren" is one of the oldest in Germany and another highlight of Freiburg. Enjoyment of life has a proud tradition in these parts.

Click on the video below for a tour of Freiburg with Hans-Albert Stechl, a native resident who studies law and writes cookbooks in his spare time.

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Freiburg - Three Travel Tips

From Visit Germany
Editor: Kate Bowen

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