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Footballer's brother in court over extortion claim

September 17, 2022

Paul Pogba's brother posted a video on Instagram promising to publish "great revelations" about the player, with Pogba following it up with a legal statement where he said he was being extorted.

Paul Pogba raises his hand as he leaves a building
Pogba, 29, was part of France's World Cup winning team in 2018Image: Italy Photo Press/picture alliance

French football star Paul Pogba's brother is due to appear before a judge Saturday, as French authorities investigate Pogba's claims of being extorted by an "organized gang." 

Paul Pogba's older brother, Mathias, and four others, also close to Mathias, have spent the last few days in police custody.

The AFP news agency cited an unnamed source close to the case as saying that Mathias Pogba had already been detained and charged.

Mathias' lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou, said his client "contests being a party of the presumed attempt of extortion of funds," French newspaper Le Monde quoted a judicial source as saying, without naming them.

"We are going to challenge this decision," Bouzrou told French broadcaster BFMTV. He said that his client committed no criminal offense.

The men, aged between 27 and 36, are to be interrogated about Pogba's claims of being extorted.

The men are likely to be charged, AFP reported on Saturday.

Pogba goes to court

Pogba issued a legal statement at the end of August, saying he was the target of extortion and threats from an organized gang.

The statement said authorities in Italy and France were informed a month ago, and that investigations would continue.

Pogba's statement came after his older brother Mathias posted a video on Instagram in four languages, promising to publish "great revelations" about the player.

In his statement, Pogba said the video, along with extortion attempts by an organized gang, were not surprising.

The former Manchester United player had filed a complaint to Turin prosecutors on July 16, saying he was the target of a €13 million ($13 million) blackmail plot, according to AFP news reporting.

Sources close to Pogba's family said large sums were being demanded from the player if he didn't want his alleged compromising videos to be leaked online, said AFP.

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