Flixbus roof completely torn off by bridge outside Berlin | News | DW | 05.12.2017
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Flixbus roof completely torn off by bridge outside Berlin

A bus driver has misjudged the height of a bridge and completely ripped off the roof of his bus outside Berlin. A tongue-in-cheek Berlin police force reminded drivers the height limit applies "without exceptions."

The roof of a long-distance bus was ripped clean off by a lower-than-expected bridge outside Berlin on Monday evening.

"Fortunately it was an empty run," the Berlin Fire Department told DPA news agency so no passengers were on board. Nobody was injured but the Flixbus vehicle suffered badly.

Firefighters hoist up a Flixbus roof (picture-alliance/dpa/Berliner Feuerwehr)

The bus exceeded the 3.4 meter height limit

The fire brigade shared images of their extraction on Twitter

The bridge over Klärwerkstraße in Spandau is well-known to authorities and has deceived drivers of large vehicles before.

"People often get stuck there," the spokesman said.

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Berlin police also shared images of the accident, helpfully pointing out that the 3.4 meter (11 feet, 1 inch) height limit applies to all vehicles "without exceptions," saying the warning signs were there "with good reason."

Twitter users have previously shared images of several vehicles stuck at the same railway underpass.

aw/msh (dpa)

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